Dent Repair in Marble Falls

At  DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair of Marble Falls we offer paintless  dent repair, and our goal is 100% satisfaction, and with 28 years of experience in the industry, that’s just what we do. Whether you have just a small ding,  hail damage, or maybe even something much larger, give us a call. We will be glad to explain, in more detail, the process of paintless dent repair, and the benefits of utilizing this repair method over traditional paint and body work, and in that, you’ll see that one of the two biggest benefits of PDR, is the cost savings compared to traditional paint and body work. Call for your appointment today at 830-660-0580.

From door dings to hail damage, DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair can repair your vehicle with it’s paintless dent repair (PDR) services.  Whether it’s damage caused from other doors, mishaps with shopping carts, hail or minor collisions, DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair can repair your vehicle, save you time and money.

Before PDR was used to repair dents, repairs required conventional repairs through a body shop that took several days while they filled, sanded and repainted the vehicle.  Now with the revolutionary process of PDR, dents can be repaired without repainting the vehicle, and it saves the customer time because many repairs can be done while they wait.  It also saves money because repairs cost normally 50% of the conventional methods used by body shops, & more importantly, the vehicle maintains it’s value because the factory finish remains in tact.

So whether your personal vehicle has damage, you own or work for a dealership, body shop or insurance company, DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair offers a money-saving, fast & efficient solution to your dent repair needs with our quality work & professional service in PDR.  Don’t live with those dents any longer, contact DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair today!