Paintless Dent Repair

DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair is your source for quality paintless dent repair in Marble Falls, We can repair all kinds of dents, including creases, door dings, hail damage, and even micro collisions on a Ford, or any make & model. Our goal is to fix the damage without affecting the original paint, so there are no worries about re-painting, bondo, and the re-sale of your car or truck.   DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair has been providing paintless dent repair in Marble Falls, and  the Highland Lakes area  since 2000, our customers are car dealerships, body shops, and the retail public. We provide a professional repair, one on one customer experience, and would like to help you if your car or truck needs paintless dent repair. We are located behind the  Chevy Marble Falls store, at 2503 Commerce, Marble Falls, TX 78654. Give us a call today at 830-660-0580 to schedule an appointment.

Dent repair on a Ford F-250 bedside can be difficult due to the fact there is nothing to leverage our tools on. So, this repair required us to use a couple of techniques. First, we used a blunt hammer to softly tap out most of the dent, and second, we used a rod to fine tune and finish the repair.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to know more about paintless dent repair, or DENT connection Hail & Dent Repair, give us a call at 830-660-0580. We are located at 2503 Commerce St. in Marble Falls, Tx, and you may also visit our website at for more information.